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Mistakes Students Should Avoid In CBSE 12th Board Exam

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It is crucial that students prepare for the CBSE Board exams using the proper methods in order to succeed.

Students must find the appropriate balance between diligent preparation for the exam and impeccable behaviour when taking it.

  • Wrong Utilization Of Additional 15m Minutes : Students of the CBSE Board are given an additional 15 minutes to peruse the question paper. However, the majority of students fail to effectively utilize this grace period as a result of tension and panic, which leads to them selecting the incorrect question from the available options and then regretting their decision. Students should therefore utilize this time to organize their thoughts and control their time during the exam.
  • Improper Time Management : The task should be prioritized the most while taking the CBSE 12th board exams. As a result, a student should schedule how much time he will spend on each question in advance and stick to it when writing the paper.
  • Rambling The Answers : Only write if you are certain of the facts. If not, simply write what you remember and leave the rest out. Because a frustrated string of words has the power to detract from the other solid responses and lower your score.
  • Attempting Unfamiliar Questions First : When confronted with a question that students find challenging to respond to, students frequently waste a lot of time guessing and speculating in an attempt to find the perfect response, leaving them with insufficient time to write even the responses they knew to be true. Therefore, it is advised that you avoid wasting time by debating a single issue. Attend the questions that you are familiar with and that will earn you high marks.
  • Poor Handwriting : Students frequently disregard their handwriting, Your marks will be reduced because the examiner made no extra effort to comprehend your answer script. Therefore, it is your responsibility to put in extra effort to ensure that your answers are neat and readable enough to satisfy the examiner and get you good grades in the CBSE 12th board examination.
  • Writing False Information : Sometimes, students copy the information on the question paper inaccurately out of a sense of urgency, which results in a false answer after the entire computation. Students should exercise extra caution because it could help them get a few more exam points.
  • Writing Answers In The Wrong Sequence : Students attempt to fix their response by removing the original points and rewriting them in a deliberate manner after realizing their mistake. This not only wastes time but also makes your response look disorganized, which will give the examiner the wrong impression.

Conclusion : CBSE 12th Board exams can be stressful, but taking steps to avoid common mistakes can help you achieve your goals. Start your preparation early, stay organized, and believe in your ability to succeed. For additional support and guidance, consider enrolling in a reputable coaching institute like Santosh Academia.

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